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   304 Bus Service - Please Use It Don't Lose It    8 January, 2019

 The bus operator Centre Bus have ceased to operate the 304 bus service.

 The service will continue under a new contract subsidised by the County Council. As ever the long term viability of this service depends on usage. Whilst the County council is happy to underpin it as an essential link at the moment it would be very helpful if residents along its' route did make use of it.

Many rural services are subsidised. Rural services of any sort are under threat (village shops.pubs etc) and whilst everyone says how much they form an essential fabric of life often they do not use them. If these services are to be viable there is an element of social responsibility here whereby people do make a point of using them every now and then to support those who have no alternative transport or otherwise. If every parishioner used the bus just once every couple of months, the operator would cease to run this service. 


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